Saturday, October 2, 2010 / 9:04 PM
Want to have something:-)

How to make/get/tell:
everyone happy?
they sad?
they be freak just like me?
them not to hate me?
get new phone?
new sim card?
new name?
new friends?
new folks?
new teacher?
new school?
new room?
new face?
my own mp4?
my own ps2?
my own xbox?
my own laptop?
my own room?
my own iphone?
domo kun bear?
domo kun iphone?
domo kun pendrive?
domo kun straw?
domo kun friends?
domo kun fans?<------------freak:-)
domo kun alarm clock?
domo kun camera?
domo kun HAT?
domo kun shirt?
domo kun sparkling light?
domo kun dress?
domo kun every things:-)
all A's in exam?
all nice motorcycle?
all teacher loves me?
all friends loves me the way i am?
all freaks hate me?
all fakes hate me?
this is all the somethings:O
just some:-)
not many:-)
suck rite?


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Behave yourself here my dear =D
Any freak at this page?
Tell me c(:
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